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 There is a difference in the quality of musical instruments 


Laconia Music is one of the largest renters of band and orchestral musical instruments in the tri-state area. With an inventory of over 10,000 instruments available for rental we can provide for all your rental needs. We have considerable quantities of large and uncommon instruments, including String Basses, Bassoons, Tubas,and Contra-bass clarinets. Our rates are some of the lowest in the country. We can custom tailor a program to your specific needs.
Rental Period
 At Laconia Music Center we offer musical instrument rentals for the school year. This means that you can rent an instrument for a flat rate fee for use until the due date of June 30. All our musical instrument rentals end on June 30. Customers are offered the option of a summer rental. Summer rentals are all due on August 30.
    School  instrument rentals are our primary business at Laconia Music center.  We take great pride in the quality of the musical instrument rentals we supply. All of our instruments are U.S.A. or European made.  We do not rent private branded Chinese instruments because we believe that quality does matter. Studies show that a child that begins their musical experience  by playing an poorly made instrument is more likely to quit within one year of starting.

Our commitment to the school rental market is to provide the best quality musical instrument rentals at a fair price. You will find that we are almost always your least expensive rental option. Our large volume allows us to purchase at better discounts and we pass the savings to you. Our rental prices are less than half the price of our competition. Our rentals are priced with no hidden fees or options . When you call for a price the price you get is the final price. No surprise extras charges.  You will never be presented a old ugly "bait and switch instrument". Our instruments are clean, shiny and exciting.

  At Laconia Music Center we have a commitment to the school musical rental market. Our inventory is unmatched not just locally but nationally.  We constantly service and upgrade our rental fleet each year adding or replacing hundreds of instruments.
Hard to find instruments
  Laconia Music Center's commitment to school music goes far beyond price. We rent an extensive variety of  musical instruments.  We have almost every imaginable instrument available for rent. Our inventory includes hundreds of String Basses , French horns, Baritone horns  and Tubas. We rent Piccolos (C and Db) Clarinets(from Sopranino to Contrabass) and stringed instruments (from 1/32-4/4). Challenge Us!

String Instrument Exchanges
We offer the best string instrument Exchange/Purchase plan anywhere! Laconia Music center will exchange the string instrument you started renting for the next size as requested by the music teacher. There is never a charge for an exchange
Changing Instruments
Sometimes finding the instrument that suits your child involves a bit of experimentation. If you find this to be the case, you can exchange the instrument that you are renting for any other instrument. If you exchange towards a more expensive instrument, then you will receive full credit for all rental fees paid. Consult with your child’s music instructor about which other instruments may be more suitable for your child. We will gladly accommodate your request and work with you.

The instrument that you rent from us is covered for  Adjustments/Repairs**   This coverage provides for full maintenance while the instrument that you rent from us under contract. If your instrument needs repair, simply bring it to the store or call us for instructions. Repairs  will be provided to you at no additional cost. The fee for the  damage and maintenance plan and  is included in the price we quote you. Items not covered by our Maintenance program are: Drum Heads, Drum Sticks, Strings, and replacement of expendable accessory items (reeds, mouthpieces, lubricants, etc.) Purposeful or malicious damage is not covered by insurance.


 Children entering the 3rd or 4th grade are offer the opportunity to  enroll in their schools band or orchestra program. Most schools do not have the resources to maintain an inventory of instruments for each child. This leaves it up to the parent to  rent or purchase an instrument for their child to learn on.
Schools recommend that parents of beginning students rent an instrument rather than purchase. 
 There are two different ways that musical instrument rentals are offered. Laconia Music Center offers musical instrument rentals on a rent to rent basis, that is you rent an instrument for a set period of time. There is no obligation to purchase the instrument and no long term agreements that have to honored.  This is the least expensive and most practical way of acquiring a musical instrument.
 The second option commonly offered is a rental purchase option.  Rental purchase agreements allow you to pay a lower fee at the beginning of the contract typically $59.00. The fee only covers an initial rental period of 3 months. After the 3 month trial period the renter is charged a monthly rental fee for the next 33 months. That monthly fee goes toward the eventual purchase of the instrument at the manufacturers retail price.  The monthly fee for smaller instrument such as a flute, clarinet,trumpet or violin rental  is $32.00. The total payments would be over $1000.00. One thousand dollars for an instrument that we sell everyday for  $390.00. In our opinion, rental purchase options are not the sensible choice.